Undergraduate Teaching

I teach in the School for the Study of Canada at Trent University. Over the last few years I have been teaching the following undergraduate courses:

  • CAST 1101 - Canada: Images and Realities of a Nation

  • CAST 2235 - The Almost Kingdom: Canada, 1837-1885

  • CAST 3011 - Everyday History

  • CAST 3758 - History of Western Canada

  • CAST 4970 - Canada Since 1945

Graduate Teaching 

I teach in the MA and PhD programs in Canadian Studies as well as in the MA in History at Trent. I am open to supervising students looking at aspects of Canadian cultural and political history. All political viewpoints welcome.


 Over the last few years I have taught the following courses:

  • CAST 6000 - PhD Core Seminar in Canadian Studies

  • HIST 5114 - Themes in Cultural and Social History - History of the Self 


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